unfortunately i can only show a short excerpt at this stage...will upload the full film asap.


Nev and Bob are two aliens haplessly traveling in a rapidly contracting universe before the time of the Big Bang. While Nev tries to pass the time reading the newspaper he is constantly disrupted by his dimwitted companion who unknowingly sets the scene for their demise. All it takes in this volatile situation is one little fart from Bob, and BOOM! Their universe is obliterated.

This short film was created as part of a screen Australia and bigpond initiative called ‘Great Moments in History’ designed to showcase Australian animators.
The initiative will result in ten short films from around the country.
Our film “The not so great moment before the big bang” is a collaborative piece conceived as a vehicle for promoting interaction between artists from different fields.
It was realized by a team consisting of two script writers, an artist/graphic designer, a film producer, three actors, a make up artist, two sound designers an illustrator and a motion designer/animator.

The script and concept that was chosen for us to produce was proposed as a hybrid puppet animation.

This film was produced using 2d, 2.5d, 3d and live puppet animation.
It contains drawn scanned artwork, photographic cutouts and 3D rendered elements.
It also contains live plates shot on green screen of high density foam sleeve puppets. Controlled by puppeteers. The puppets consisted of a separate body and head with no facial features. Each element of puppets were shot separately in digital HD and then keyed and composited into each digital set. Then actors faces which were also shot in HD were digitally imposed onto the puppets heads. Each scene contains many layers which were linked together using motion tracking from data collected from the original live plates.


behind the scenes...

face tracking test...

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